who shine is for

In the face of tremendous pressures and change, how do you stay true to yourself, to your own values and aspirations? How can you bring your gifts to bear on the wider needs you see around you? How do you motivate, lead, inspire and partner with others?

shine assists clients in navigating through uncertainty, while holding a true course.

shine is for

executives, team leaders & managers
to deepen your leadership capacity, authenticity, impact, and gravitas with the teams you lead, or organisations you are responsible for.

teams & organisations
to bring out the best, build high performance, resilience, creativity, guide through changes and face the future with confidence.

young adults & school leavers
when you aren’t sure what’s next, to discover your strengths, gain clarity on your direction and explore options / next steps.

individuals in transition
whether at a career crossroads or after a redundancy, to remind yourself of your values and aspirations, rediscover your gifts, talents and passions and set a new course.

people meeting a specific challenge
when you know what you want to do yet feel somehow like you’re driving with the handbrake on – to release whatever’s stopping you and break through any real or perceived barriers.

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