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shine weaves together all of my work with people. We can work together in a variety of ways, and every piece of work is unique, every journey an adventure.

1:1 coaching & mentoring sessions in person, on skype or over the phone

“When I first met Kanada I felt utterly entangled in a thicket of problems each one more thorny than the next. With her help I managed to hack a path out into the daylight and along the way made some very important discoveries about myself. I can say with complete honesty that every aspect of my life has changed for the better since working with her.” Anne Byrne, former Finance Director, Stonebridge Housing Action Trust

hand-tailored residential programmes, team away days & workshops

“The ‘shaping behaviours’ culture change work was a new challenge for me and the leadership team and we really appreciated the guidance and perspectives that you provided. The team is now part of a new group in a new organisation. We were sorry that the re-organisation disrupted the last workshop however their learnings and experiences from our work together will stand them in good stead for the future. Thank you very much for your work, for your contribution both to the group and to me personally.” Paul Moores, Director, Consumer Science Insight, Unilever R&D Global

open programmes

Catalyst: for 18-25 year-olds who want to author their own lives & co-author the future

“This week has without a doubt changed my life and the way I view myself, allowing me to feel new confidence and strength in myself. I feel I can go out in the world and make an incredible difference.” Hannah Kirmes-Daley, SOAS, London

The Journey: the twin trail of leadership – inner healing & outer effect in the world

“Kanada is one of the core facilitators on The Journey, Embercombe’s flagship leadership programme, which I recently attended. Her presence is phenomenal, her compassionate nature combined with her sharp perception and solid experience gives her a truly gifted edge as a facilitator and coach. I experienced her ability to honour and celebrate an individual’s strengths, facilitate the group to feedback gifts and create opportunities to meet personal challenges. She creates a powerful and safe space for change that helps people take risks, cross thresholds and deepen into authentic leadership. I highly recommend her.” Siobhán McGee, Psychotherapist

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