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Professional and Life Coaching

Global Coaching Practice by Telephone, Skype or Face to Face Meetings

“I have worked with Kanada Elizabeth Gorla as my work/life coach for several years now, entirely via telephone, and have found her guidance, insight and compassion to be without equal in her field. She has helped me navigate some very rough waters in my professional and personal life, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
Dana Fredsti, Administrator, Unilever Technology Ventures, San Francisco

“Kanada Gorla is to be trusted. She is to be trusted to challenge you. She is to be trusted to ask you questions. She is to be trusted to walk your path. You might struggle. You might get frustrated. You might even doubt yourself. Just remember to trust Kanada, unconditionally and you will emerge fresher. I did. And continue to bask in the experience.”
Glen Markham, Strategy Director. Cossette Communications, Toronto

University of Exeter, Devon

Workshops for Top 200 Managers, Wellbeing; Building Resilient and High Performing Teams, 2011-2013

Feedback from Participants
“Very thought-provoking course, especially the leadership aspects, and powerfully facilitated by Kanada.”

 “I feel stronger and more confident to deal with difficult situations. I now feel that I’m not alone in how I feel which gives me much more confidence. I have learnt a lot about myself, my management style, things that might let me down and ways that I can rectify any issues. I also learnt that I have been avoiding conflict and not tackling some issues and these will be dealt with as soon as possible.”

 ”This was my first experience of this style of workshop – an informal and interactive approach that was very beneficial.”

“All of it was enjoyable despite dealing with difficult issues. It was interactive and fun, with interesting tasks. The most useful aspect for me was the role-play, trialing dealing with difficult situations at the end.”

Common Purpose Customised, London

Leadership Coaching, American Express 3rd Sector Leadership Programme, 2011 – ongoing

Macmillan Transformational Leadership Programme, June 2013

Associate Consultant on Customised Leadership Programmes, 2013 – ogoing

“Every year for our major blue chip client we bring together a cohort of leaders from across a broad range of organisations in the third sector and provide them with an opportunity to experience and practice new ways of leading. This week long ‘Leadership Academy’ has an emphasis on self-awareness, and it is only through the exceptional supportive coaching skills that Kanada and a small group of similarly world-class coaches bring to the week that the true transformative value of the experience can be realised for the participants. The value that Kanada brings to this process cannot be overstated and the, (often unsolicited), feedback from the participants continues to support this view. ” Andrew Armes – Director – Common Purpose.

Hardy Underwriting Group, London

Vision and Values Programme with Executive Team (and subsequently with the whole company), Embercombe 2010-2011

“We had a fantastic time at Embercombe. Our Executive Committee returned to the office feeling liberated and exhilarated, with renewed energy and clarity of vision to tackle the challenges ahead.”
Barbara Merry, Chief Executive

Carpenter Oak, Devon

Executive Coaching with the Finance Director, Dec 2010 to Summer 2011, Vision & Values with the Directors,Team & Personal Coaching with the Senior Carpenters.

“Working with Kanada over the past few months has been a life changing adventure. I feel more secure and comfortable in myself and mentally feel lighter and free. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kanada for your adventure.”
Lee Manning, Finance Director

Tideford Organic Foods, Devon

Vision & values whole company consultation to inform new brand and way forward, Feb-July 2011

“We worked with Kanada and Dolly over a three-day period. The whole Tideford team was involved, taking cross-sections of the company out for a day to explore company values, future aspirations, and general management issues. These were truly inspirational days set in a beautiful location. Kanada managed to gain insights from varied working groups through many creative mediums. Her ability to draw out information from employees who were out of their comfort zone and make them feel at ease in their thoughts and aspirations for the company was remarkable. The feedback has enabled us to provide better support and understanding to staff whilst empowering them to help the management team move the company forward.This was a wonderfully motivational workshop with everyone coming back refreshed and excited about the future. There is a real sense of the team moving forward on the same path with a common goal and a clear understanding of where we are going. Fantastic!” Lynette Sinclair, Managing Director

Unilever, UK

Culture change and high performance with R&D Global.

“The ‘shaping behaviours’ work was a new challenge for me and the leadership team and we really appreciated the guidance and new perspectives that you provided. The team is now part of a new group in a new organisation We were all sorry that the re-orgnanisation disrupted our programme however their learnings and experiences from our work together will stand them in good stead for the future. Thank you very much for your work, for your contribution both to the group and me personally.” Paul Moores, Director, Consumer Science Insight, Unilever R&D Global

Ready Steady Go Nurseries, London

Senior Staff Development & Team Building with North London’s flagship children’s nursery (4 centres), 2008-2011.

“Thank you for a wonderful team build programme. Your outstanding work with the St John’s Wood team really turned things around, and we now have a happy, confident, aware team at that centre (our 4th) for the first time ever!

It was also an illuminating and personally very helpful experience for me. The images of pyramid teams and circle teams stay with me as a constant reminder. I can’t thank you enough for what you did. Every person who was present on that day has expressed their delight and admiration for your work and what you achieved in such a short space of time.” Jennifer Silverton, Principal Ready Stead Go Nurseries

St. Loye’s Foundation, Exeter

Staff Development, Resiliency in Changing Times, September 2011.

“Kanada ran a session for all our staff at a recent Awayday. Cleverly and innovatively she helped individuals to see what had made us successful in the past, but more importantly in a rapidly changing environment, what will make us successful in the future. Her gentle and engaging style is so effective at helping people to see to the heart of an issue.” Jack Harland, Head of Training


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