how it works

the shine process

Over years of hands-on experimentation I identified the following as essential ingredients for any successful change initiative – whether within an individual or within a group.
This has become the process of shine:
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As our awareness grows we see more of what is needed or possible and therefore can respond more effectively in the moment – so the process is a continuous one of revelation and choice, allowing more and more of our genius to shine through.

getting started

  1. We meet to clarify your current situation and what you want to create in your life or organisation. You set your area of focus and desired outcomes.
  2. I craft a framework to suit your specific needs and budget, including where we’ll meet, how often, and the processes we might use. We’ll review these from time to time and adjust as required.
  3. Once you agree the framework and payment schedule, we’ll set off, holding your desired outcomes at the centre of everything we do.
let's sit down together and chart your path:

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