who is shine?

shine is me – Kanada Elizabeth Gorla
Kanada Elizabeth Gorlaprocess consultant
group facilitator
1:1 coach
leadership & change catalyst


  • wide range of tools, experience and skills gained over 25 years as an artist, opera & theatre director, people & organisation development consultant, leadership & change coach, and long term meditator.
  • versatile, flexible and adept in designing and facilitating individually-tailored learning and change processes, workshops and programmes.
  • can work with people of all ages & walks of life  - from entrepreneurs, midwives, carpenters and mums to students, managing directors, biodynamic farmers and experienced teams.

Depending on the nature of our partnership and your needs I may work on my own or in collaboration with other experienced colleagues e.g. Dolly Kary, Johannes Moeller and
Ben Macfadyen.

get in touch, I'd love to help you find your own way to shine:

+44 (0)1803 864 593
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